From journalism to marketing, generating creative content has increasingly been the target of stronger ML algorithms and growing data connectedness. Creative work is fast becoming a part of what machine learning can do well, and both creators and customers alike will benefit from a world where cutting-edge machine learning helps artists and authors reach their maximum potential.

Enter Rezrov Lab’s first offering in development, the Calliope™ engine. Rezrov Lab builds creative AI by applying cutting edge deep learning methods (e.g., hierarchical variational autoencoder networks) to generate natural language data a three-step process:

The Calliope™ engine earns structure from unsupervised text inputs (e.g., stories, articles, novels)
The engine then builds novel content by recognizing existing patterns and tying new ideas together in similar ways
Finally, it “fills in the gaps” where the deep learning algorithm is uncertain by using statistical methods to turn its rough draft into fluid text

Rezrov Lab is building Calliope™ as a B2C platform to generate its own new content as a marketable product. Our first commercial target is fiction — eBooks and articles. We look forward to completing our first implementation and perfecting an AI that helps us do what we’re best at — creativity.

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